Skin Care

Our Menu of Skin Care & Facials

facialsWhether you are looking to replenish, revitalize or refine your skin, our facials are custom designed for your skins personal needs. We understand that one product line does not always work for everyone and that is why we have chosen to work with multiple lines, giving us the ability to customize effectively. You may select a treatment or one of our qualified professionals will gladly recommend one for you.

Express Facial 50 min … $60

This facial has been designed for the person on the go and is great for teens as well as those with adult acne. Less pampering but getting right down to business, we will cleanse, exfoliate, extract, mask, treat, hydrate and send you on your way!

Signature Spa Facial 60 min … $80

Our most pampering and loved facial! A customized treatment of cleansing, steaming and a gentle exfoliation, followed by a massage of the face, declotte and shoulders, will relax your muscles and enhance circulation. A specialty mask is applied, followed by a moisturizer. A warm hydrating hand treatment completes this experience. Great for all skin types.

Haven’s Ultimate Facial 75 min … $140

This facial not only gives you the best and most of what we have to offer your skin but it also includes a whole lot of pampering! Including a scalp, foot, face and declotte massage, as well as a warm hydrating hand treatment and a collagen eye and lip treatment.

Age Intervention Facials

Repair, refine and improve overall skin health and appearance with one of these highly effective, results oriented facials. Utilizing high powered ingredients such as Retinoids, Vitamin C, Glycolic, Peptides and more. You will surely be able to see and feel the difference.

C-Esta Facial 60 min … $95
A powerful Facial with an antioxidant cocktail of lipid soluble Vitamin C and DMAE to help repair free radical damage and enhance facial tone. The C-Esta Facial provides exceptional anti-aging and skin rejuvenation benefits. Skin will appear lifted, firmer and with tightened facial contours.

Marini Luminate Facial 60 min … $95
Visibly improve the appearance of skin tone, texture and luminosity with a unique combination of lactic and mandelic acid, brightening technologies and antioxidants. Uncover vibrant skin by revealing a brighter, more even skin tone and youthful appearance.

Retinol Plus Facial 60 min … $95
Amplify anti-aging correction for dramatically smooth, flawlessly clear and radiantly hydrated skin. This Facial has an accelerated protocol featuring the highest concentration of retinol and advanced skin rejuvenation technologies for immediate long term benefits. Visibly improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and sun damage.

Glycolic Resurfacing Peel* 60 min … $95
The Glycolic Resurfacing Peel offers a progressive approach to address multiple concerns for those wanting to measurably improve the appearance of their skin with zero downtime, enabling them to immediately apply make-up and continue on with daily activities.

Microdermabrasion … $85
This procedure is non-invasive and works to resurface, renew and rejuvenate your skin. It can address concerns such as fine lines, sun damage, dark spots, acne scarring, enlarged pores & melasma. It is safe for most skin types. 

Micro-Current Technology* 75 min … $95
Using a handheld device with a low level of electricity mirroring the body’s own natural electrical currents is applied to the skin, essentially exercising the muscles to firm, lift and tone. Peptides and collagen are used to enhance this non-invasive, anti-aging facial. *Recommended in series.

Marini Refine Peels$135 ea    Series of 3 $125 ea
They are designed for all skin types seeking more significant skin rejuvenation in fewer treatments than more aggressive procedures with less downtime. A Retinol activator enhances results & jump-starts the recovery process by delivering retinol, beneficial peptides & antioxidants. Paraben Free. Includes complimentary prep and post-treatment products.

*Series pricing available

*As Professional Skin Therapists we take pride in educating you are valued guests in how to care for your skin at home as Facials in conjunction with proper home care will bring about the optimum results. We can gladly make product suggestions for you and provide samples of most products. 

Facial Add-ons 20 min 

Do you have an area of concern needing a little extra attention? We invite you to experience one of our Add-ons. These targeted treatments may be added onto an existing service.

Lip Treatment: Designed to soften fine lines and firm the area around the mouth as well as hydrate your lips … $20   with Microcurrent … $30

Collagen Eye Treatment: Eyes feeling tired or puffy? This treatment firms, hydrates, plumps and refreshes the delicate skin around the eyes … $20   with Microcurrent … $30

Decollete Treatment: This often neglected area shows signs of aging and needs to be included in your skincare treatments. We will perform a mini facial on the chest area, helping to restore your skin’s youthfulness … $25

Age Intervention Hand Treatment: This is like a facial for the hands, leaving them exfoliated, softened, relaxed and hydrated … $25

LED Light Therapy Facials

LED LIGHT THERAPY…is natural and safe for ALL skin types and tones, is non-invasive and chemical-free. You will boost the benefits of your Facial treatment with no down time with the option of purchasing a light to take home and continue your progress. The more you use the better the results. You can address either “Anti-aging/wrinkles” or “Acne.”

The LED’S emit a soothing gentle warmth, is painless and extremely effective. Lightstim has advanced NASA’s LED technology developing a patented MultiWave technology like no other. Increase your collagen and elastin production giving the skin more volume, get deeper absorption of serums and creams and enjoy a more radiant, youthful glow, smoother texture and decrease eye puffiness.

Add on to Any Facial 20 min … $40
Full LED Facial 45 min … $65
Hand-held devices available for retail.

Make-up Consultations

We are proud to offer the best mineral make-up line in the industry, Jane Iredale. Let one of our master make-up artists color match you and get you started on a flawless, simple and healthy skincare routine.
Base color match 15 minutes no charge
Full face make-over 30 minutes (requires an appt.) $30

If you purchase $100 or more then your consultation will be complimentary.

Gift Certificates are available for any of the services above or you may purchase a certificate for any dollar amount. Click to Purchase a Gift Certificate.