Body Treatments, Waxing & Massages

Body Treatments

Our Massage roomOur body treatments have been created to give you a luxurious and tranquil experience, beneficial to your total well-being.

Shea Butter Body Wrap and Massage

Slip into a robe and start with a healing foot soak in warm water and essential oils. Then you will be dry brushed for exfoliation and circulation. A warm soothing shea butter applied, then wrapped in warm blankets for 20 minutes. You will be offered a 10 minute scalp or foot massage. You will melt like butter.

  • Shea butter body wrap/no Massage… $80
  • Shea wrap with 30 min Massage… $130
  • Shea wrap with 60 min Massage… $160

Body Scrubs

Our Brown Sugar Body Scrub is excellent for the removal of dead, dull, dry skin. Perfect for anytime of the year to brighten and give your skin a healthy, hydrated youthful glow. Great before tanning or events or if you are just looking to be smooth as silk.  Seasonal Scents Available.

Add on to a massage or do the Full Body Scrub alone.   

  • Feet … $10     
  • Back … $30   
  • Full Body … $60

Waxing Services

Brow … $20
Chin … $15
Lip … $15
Cheeks … $10
Neck … $10
Full Face … $60

Upper Body
Full Arm … $40
Half Arm … $30
Underarm … $30
Men’s Back … $45

Lower Body
Full Legs … $60
Half Legs … $40
Bikini … $40
Brazilian … $65

We regret that we are not able to perform waxing services for clients using Acutane or Retin A.


Unwind with a relaxing massage in a private setting with an application of warm lotion. If you desire, choose from a selection of essential oils.

Swedish – Relaxation

A full body or specified area massage using soothing strokes with a variety of techniques in order to relax the body and relieve muscle tension.
30 minutes … $50
60 minutes … $80
90 minutes … $110

Deep Tissue – Therapeutic

The purpose of this massage is to help relieve muscle tension by using a more intense technique, therefore reducing pain and increasing joint mobility and flexibility. This massage is often targeted to a specified area of pain or previous injury but may be applied to total body.
30 minutes … $60
60 minutes … $90
90 minutes … $120

Hot Stone Massage

The use of a variety of stones are incorporated into the massage to ease muscle tension, soothe and relax the entire body.
60 minutes … $95
90 minutes … $125
Add to any massage … $15

Hot Lavender Massage

Indulge in this one-hour aromatic Swedish Massage. Includes a unique application utilizing warm, moist, lavender-laden compresses along the back, shoulders, hands and feet. A massage designed to please your senses and give you the ultimate relaxing and pampering experience.
60 minutes … $95   
90 minutes … $125

Couples Massagesstarting at $180

Mommy-To-Be Massage We use a sideline technique and plenty of pillows to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
30 minutes … $50
60 minutes … $80
90 minutes … $110

Hot Lavender Compresses … $15
Hot Stones … $15
Back Scrub only … $30
Foot Scrub only … $10
Deep Tissue …$10

Gift Certificates are available for any of the services above or you may purchase a certificate for any dollar amount. Click to Purchase a Gift Certificate.