What Clients Are Saying

Thank you ever-so graciously for your wonderful services, relaxing spa treatments and so much more! You have a forever customer now!


My daughter and I were so blessed to experience “Haven of Rest” it is definitely a haven!! Thank you to the wonderful staff for making us feel so refreshed and relaxed.

Jen & Jenna, Raymond, WA

Thank you for providing “Rest for the Weary”


This is just what we needed before the wedding. Thank you to everyone who made our day together so memorable.

Tracy, Happy Valley, OR

Everything was amazing and the staff made it a day-to-remember. We will heavily hint to our husbands to give us gift certificates again!


Thank you for the great Mom/Daughter spa day! You guys make us feel so comfortable here. It was the best graduation gift a new mom could ask for!

Jen & Vicky

I always enjoy my time here. It’s always a break from the “real world” Thank You!


For a “spa day” that 9 women in my family attended, this was the best! You all made it a day to remember. We felt pampered and spoiled and now have 1 more “must do” item for our chics weekend!